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Carpet Cleaning

Do you have a stained and tarnish carpet, which is ruining the entire atmosphere of your household or place of work? If you are facing this unfortunate conundrum, then by all means give us a call because we are ready to provide your high quality carpet cleaning services in Kensington. We are professional sanitation specialists and we are highly praised for our diligence, proficiency and competence. A large number of our clients are repeat customers, while most of our positive reputation is due to word-to-mouth references. We work in full accordance with the highest standards of the cleaning industry because our main objective is to provide to our clients the best possible sanitation options.

We know from experience how delicate and fragile carpet fibres can be, and this is why we have invested heavily into the best sanitation machines. Our tools allow us to treat easily and effectively any type of carpet. The size and shape of your floor features will not be an issue as we can clean anything from area rugs to wall-to-wall carpets. Our instruments also permit us to sanitise equally well both natural and synthetic floor coverings. At Kensington Cleaners LTD, we value excellence and this is why we have put together a team of skilled, consummate and hard-working staff.

Green cleaning services

The detergents that we use are 100% eco-friendly and do not contain any chemical or toxic ingredients. We use green solutions because:

  • They do not leave behind harmful particles
  • They cannot cause any tears
  • They cannot cause discolouration and fading
  • They are extremely efficient against hard-to-remove stains, spots and marks

The fact that we offer eco-friendly carpet cleaning has made us the favourite contractors of the local residents and businesspersons.

Our prices are affordable and will certainly fit into your sanitation budget. We are convinced in our claim because we form our services fees by taking into account the one of kind details of each job. This not only allow us to work with individualised rates but also permit us to maintain an unrivalled quality/price ratio without lowering the standards of your cleaning service. The minimum fee for a rug sanitation project is £45. You can have your extra-large carpet (up to 20m2) cleaned for £32 and your staircase floor features sanitised for £25.

Employ our Kensington carpet sanitation options today

You can book our cleaning company by giving us a telephone call, sending us an e-mail, filling our online form and contacting us via chat. We are open for business every day of the year, national holidays included. We also have a 24-hour customer support centre, which you can use to make inquiries or request a personalised, and free of charge quote.