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About Us

Kensington Cleanets LTD is one of the most rapidly developing companies in the sphere of professional carpet cleaning in London. We are lucky enough to work with some of the best experts in the industry and to have a never-ending passion for the job that we are doing. Being a successful business in a field in which the competition is incredibly fierce is not something that is achieved overnight. It took us years to get to where we are right now and to expand our customer base. Our plan is to continue to give 100% of us because the happiness of our clients is always worth the hard work.

We are different from the rest

Why should you pick us? That’s a very good question you are probably thinking about right now. As clichéd as it may sound, we are different from all other companies in our field because we manage to combine:

  • Low prices and high quality
  • Time-efficiency and meticulousness
  • Flexible services and strict industry standards

In addition to that, we organise every project from start to finish so that our customers get a service experience which is completely free of any stress, hassle or headaches.

A company that uses innovative cleaning methods and tools

Read through our service list and you will be impressed by the versatile cleaning techniques which we use. Dry, steam or wet cleaning – our menu of sanitisation methods is rich and diverse. That is due not only to the fact that our insured cleaning specialists are very skilled but also to the fact that we use modern and reliable equipment. We have new-generation commercial vacuuming machines, extractors, rotary surface cleaners, carpet dryers and other many other tools with which we leave to stain or dust speck behind.

Friendly cleaners who are experienced in their trade

Our advanced cleaning equipment may be the muscles of our company but our qualified and vetted staff is the brain behind every job we complete. We have an amazing team of loyal cleaning technicians who are:

  • Punctual and thorough
  • Patient and polite
  • Registered and professionally trained
  • Diligent and helpful

When we combine all of these remarkable qualities with the extensive list of skills which our personnel possess, we get top-notch carpet cleaning in Kensington and satisfied customers. If you want to be one of those customers, hire our meticulous pros and let them define the true meaning of cleanliness for you.